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What We Need, What You Get, and Why You Should Help

We are looking to raise $70,000. While Fathom Events is going to show the film, we need to market it throughout the country to acquire more theaters and let
people know it is coming. The show runs for 1 night, but with adequate marketing, we can be expanded to more nights and more theaters. It’s a film all ages can enjoy, clean family fun featuring Chonda Pierce and an international cast. And not many films can say that!

We are offering some unique perks – most unavailable anywhere else including talking to the actors, an amazing getaway vacation, and memorabilia from the filming. If we don’t reach our goal, the film will not be widely seen and other clean films might be negatively affected. 

A successful studio with a Mission and the talent to Succeed 
Many clean films are never seen because movie producers feel family films, other than animated stories, don’t sell. So, they churn out PG-13 and R-rated films
that are adults only. The producers, writers, and crew of this movie have been involved with many successful films including all three of Chonda Pierce’s films. The producers have several more scripts waiting to be developed and all have been tested on the stage with great reviews, awards, and huge audiences.

Frankly, a lot of money was spent on making this movie, more than we budgeted. But we felt the risk was worth it to bring this incredible story to theaters. Now we are counting on like-minded audiences to make the risk and work worth it. This could be the start of the emergence of many more family films being shown on the big screen again

Other Ways You Can Help
Call your local theater(s) and ask if the Fathom Event The Confession Musical is going to be shown. Your call(s) can make a difference and start a new era of family films.